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Bonjour France!

Potsdam's most famous sight carries the love of France in its name: Frederic the Great wanted to enjoy life's French style in Sanssouci! And he was not the only one as all of Europe was following French culture and savoir vivre. Whether at the Round Table in Sanssouci, at the Academy of Sciences, in literature, theatre, fashion, in the ballroom or in the wine cellar - the French were everywhere.

That remained true long after Frederic's period. In 2016 the Music Festival traces the manifold French influences up to and including on contemporary Europe. Likewise the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg and of course the Capital City of Potsdam maintain very good relations with Versailles, Chambord or Compiègne.

Let us make you discover the French musical world in its changing history and its unique creativity: from the music of Gothic cathedrals to the Valse Musette, from the Sun King to Satie, from ballet and baroque opera to jazz in the "Parisian Parlours" or at the chanson night in Potsdam's historical centre. Last but not least - several highlights in the program are a result of the very close partnership with the Centre de musique baroque de Versailles.

A very warm welcome to Potsdam Sanssouci: celebrate a festival under the banner of "joie de vivre" - the joy of life à la française!