This booking option is available for all events with numbered seating. Simply print your tickets at home! Using print@home you can now select, book and pay for all events at Nikolaisaal Potsdam from your home computer and you can print your tickets yourself.

Your benefits
- No mailing expenses.
- No more queueing. 
- No more waiting for free phone lines.
- You can print the ticket immediately i.e. no more postal delays and no uncertainties about on-time delivery.

Technical requirements:

- standard A4 printer
- please use white paper and make sure tickets are printed legibly using enough ink
- up-to-date version of e.g. Adobe Reader

How to use Print@home (instructions)
  1. Select your tickets. 
  2. Select print@home when booking online. 
  3. Pay online by credit card (Mastercard). Payment by credit card is the only method of payment available when using print@home . 
  4. After booking is complete, you receive an email with your booking confirmation as PDF file. 
  5. A second email contains your ticket as PDF file. Please use white paper for printing both tickets and booking confirmation. 
  6. Please keep the printout of the PDFs as you would keep a standard ticket to avoid any misuse. 
  7. Simply show your print@home-ticket together with your booking confirmation and some valid picture-id to our staff when entering the venues.

Only one person per printed ticket has access to the venues.

Legal notice:

By using online payment you can simply print your ticket at home. The Print@home ticket is only valid as A4 print and in combination with the booking confirmation and some valid picture ID. A Print@home ticket can only be used once and is valid for one person only. Reselling is not possible. If a copy of a Print@home ticket appears, the ticket holder who can present the legitimization stated above gains access to the event. Access to the event is denied to holders of illegally copied Print@home tickets. Furthermore the organizer reserves the right to charge the ticket dealer responsible for generating illegal copies of his Print@home ticket(s) the total amount of copied Print@home tickets. Copies of tickets are registered with the police and criminal charges will be pressed against seller and purchaser of illegally copied Print@home tickets. The organizer does not assume liability if tickets are lost or wrongfully used.

Should you have any problems printing or calling-up the PDF files, please call our ticket line for assistance: 0049 / 331 / 28 888 28.