Accesibillity matters

Guests with disabilities must be able to fully enjoy our programs autonomously and without having to ask for help. Unfortunately, this is not yet universally a given! In the meantime we are carrying out structural changes (e.g. changing light sources to support visually impaired people), questioning laws or testing technologies to significantly improve the listening experience when connected to hearing devices or cochlear implants. Our concerts translated to sign language give deaf people and people with impaired hearing a unique opportunity of experiencing music by means of movement, facial expressions and gestures.

Every year the venues of the Music Festival Potsdam Sanssouci are assessed in terms of their accessibility and how these predominantly historical venues can be made accessible. For architectural reasons, accessibility is not available everywhere. The program of the Music Festival Potsdam Sanssouci features the search function »accessible« for a quick overview. The Nikolaisaal offers full accessibility for wheelchair users and deaf people/people with impaired hearing. The conditions for visually impaired people have been improved in recent years. Tickets for wheelchair users and severely disabled people (with B) are available by email or phone from the Ticket Galerie at Nikolaisaal Potsdam (+49 331 - 28 888 28).

We are constantly consulting with visitors, representatives and associations to improve the conditions. Please send any suggestions to Roland Pohl: