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7. until 23. June 2013


Scandinavia is in many ways closer to Potsdam than we might think: Luise Ulrike of Prussia, a sister of Frederic II became Queen of Sweden. The "Blessing Christ" statue in the atrium of the Church of Peace Sanssouci is modelled on Bertel Thorvaldsen’s original in Copenhagen’s Church of Our Lady. And at Jungfernsee the Sailors’ Station Kongsnæs is evidence of William II’s Norway enthusiasm. Nature and myths of the North still magically attract tourists today much like they did the "travelling emperor".

Musikfestspiele Potsdam Sanssouci 2013 trace the dream of the North and discover the manifold reality of the musical cultural relations that have linked the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Sweden and Norway to Germany over the centuries. Scandinavia’s amazingly creative old music and folk scene bring fresh air to Potsdam’s gardens. Enjoy artists and ensembles like Anne Sofie von Otter, the Trondheim Solistene, Concerto Copenhagen, the folk duo Hazelius Hedin or the Hardanger violinist Benedicte Maurseth and be there when the trolls are let loose for midsummer’s night in Sanssouci!

Välkommen, velkommen to Potsdam Sanssouci!