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Music and Gardens

Anyone who has attended the Music Festival Potsdam Sanssouci knows the unique experience of being in concert venues such as the Ovid Gallery or the Palm Hall – the joy of listening to sophisticated music conjoins with a view of Potsdam's gardens.

MUSIC & GARDENS: an age old story of mutual inspiration telling stories of silent contemplation and of lively celebrations, of romantic idylls and of stoutly joys, of princely splendour and of nourishing fruits. The garden is where we retrace paradise and where we create a better world. Thus generations of gardeners and architects, artists and engineers have turned the landscape around Potsdam into a green paradise – and not just for kings.

This year the Music Festival Sanssouci – itself a child of these gardens, takes a musical stroll through the gardens of the world paying homage to the unique venues, which every year become wonderful concert and opera stages. Celebrate a garden party with us as we unite listening joys, visual indulgence and sensual pleasures in their artful interplay!