Sun 14 h
Turnhalle Goethe-Grundschule, Babelsberg
from young to old
€ 12

Admission 1.45 p.m.

currently sold out

Dancing like the sun king

The perfect introduction to the movie


The first steps in baroque dance for curious beginners from the age of 12 to adulthood


Hubert Hazebroucq dancer, dance researcher & dance teacher
Andreas Pfaff violin
Rahel Bader violoncello

Louis XIV loved to dance, but it was not a personal whim: in dance, the cultivated man presented himself - with distinguished posture, graceful movement and that casual elegance that required at least three generations of aristocratic ancestors. A perfect dance master would also be needed. If you want to learn to dance like the sun king, join the renowned specialist Hubert Hazebroucq, who will be on stage at the dance concert on June 14. He introduces the body language and aesthetics of the time, helps to absorb the impulses of the music and teaches the first steps for a minuet and a contradance. Above all, however, he conveys the joy of experiencing baroque dance with all your senses. If you feel like it, you can go to the movies in the evening and watch the king dance in Gérard Corbiau's film »The King is dancing« (2000).

LOGO danceable

Duration: 90 min / Comfortable clothing and flexible shoes or trainers are recommended (no street shoes). / The event can be booked independently of the movie visit. If you book this event, you will then receive a 20% discount on a ticket for the movie night.