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Church of Peace Sanssouci
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Dancing mania: Strasbourg 1518

A city dances until it drops


In search of the lost sound: Musical approaches to a mysterious event


Silke Gwendolyn Schulze
shawm, pommer, double flute, one-handed flute, drum
David Yacus slide trumpet, renaissance trombone
Miguel Tantos renaissance trombone
Carles Mas i Garcia one-handed flute, drum, dance
Riccardo Delfino harp, hurdy-gurdy
Emmanuela Lodato, tamburello, singing, dancing
Gesine Bänfer shawm, pommer, bagpipes & conductor

Rhythm is life, is in us as breath, pulse and heartbeat, wants to express itself with excess energy and pulls us towards intoxicating movements. The theme day in Sanssouci spans 500 years of dancing to the point of frenzy until midnight - , with concerts, readings, workshops, dance performances and open dance. Eventually, there is only one thing that can help against »Dancing mania«: to dance!

»Many hundreds began to dance and jump in Strasbourg, women and men, in the open marketplace, in the alleys and streets, day and night they did not eat much until the raging was over. St. Vitus' dance is called this plague.« Sounds like a horror story, but it is a factual account. What kept the city in suspense for three months, what triggered the dance epidemic and even claimed lives, remains a mystery to this day. No one wrote down what was being played. Les Haulz et les Bas are on the trail of the lost soundtrack of Strasbourg's dance frenzy: taking the detour via the traditional music of the time and the playing culture of folk music tradition that is still alive today. Caution, contagious!

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