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Orangery Palace Plant hall
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Dancing mania: Ostinato!

Baroque magic formulas for endless movement


Ciaccona, Passacaglia, Folia & Co.: Infinite variations on clever bass patterns in works by Andrea Falconieri, H.I.F. Biber, G.A. Pandolfi Mealli, Marin Marais, C.P.E. Bach, Antonio Vivaldi and others.


Dorothee Oberlinger
recorder & conductor
Yves Ytier baroque violin & dance
Hille Perl viola da gamba
Axel Wolf lute
Florian Birsak harpsichord

Rhythm is life, is in us as breath, pulse and heartbeat, wants to express itself with excess energy and pulls us towards intoxicating movements. The theme day in Sanssouci spans 500 years of dancing to the point of frenzy until midnight - , with concerts, readings, workshops, dance performances and open dance. Eventually, there is only one thing that can help against »Dancing mania«: to dance!

Ostinato compositions have addictive potential and when you are listening to them, you quickly lose track of time. Over a constantly repeated short bass pattern, they unfold ever new imaginative virtuoso variations and only stop because at some point it has to end. In the 17th century, ostinato basses took center stage, and musicians improvised on them just as jazz musicians improvise on their standards today. The hottest basic formulas came from Spain - or via Spain from Latin America, in tow of wild, crazy dances and »noisy merrymaking«. The spark ignited a firework of creativity among Europe's composers and still does when Dorothee Oberlinger's ensemble of virtuoso soloists gets into the groove of baroque jazz..

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