Tue 20 h
Church of Peace Sanssouci
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Farewell to the loved ones

King David‘s Lamentations for Absalom and Jonathan


Renaissance motets a cappella by Josquin Desprez, Pierre de la Rue, Nicolas Gombert, Thomas Tomkins, Alonso de Tejeda & Bernardino de Ribera


Björn Schmelzer
Musical Direction

»More wonderful was your love for me than the love of women «, says David when he mourns Jonathan, the king’s son who fell in the battle, which in turn made him King of Israel. Later he mourns his own son who pays the ultimate price when he tries to usurp his father’s throne. As the »King with the harp« the writer and singer of psalms became a kind of biblical, musical forefather. In 2022 exceptional ensemble Graindelavoix were awarded the price of the German record reviewers. When they present David’s sorrow as set to music by renaissance masters the biblical king is suddenly very near and very real.