Sun 09.30 h
Yorckstraße / Ecke Wilhelm-Staab-Str.
bicycle concert
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Bicycle concert – TOUR 1

Memorable! Time travel through nature & history (30 km)

Music - rhythm - movement: This has always been the soul of the bicycle concert. The city and the countryside set the pace for moving journeys of discovery into nature and history. This time, the knights of the pedals meet virtuosos of rhythm and movement along the way: acrobats and falcons who defy gravity, dance in every form, music on wheels and energetic percussion for the right beat. And in between, you can relax by playing with interactive sound sculptures or doing yoga. There are three tours to choose from, ranging from sporty to leisurely: this is how the generations come together - casually in motion.

Off you go through the center - into the historic heart of the city, where musical bike virtuosos frolic on the Alter Markt. Continue via the Neuendorfer Anger on the natural and historic Wall Cycle Path along the Teltow Canal to the Dreilinden checkpoint, the former bottleneck of the inner German border. The imposing machinery of the Kleinmachnow lock from the time of Emperor Wilhelm II can be seen from afar. On the way back, you can immerse yourself in the enchanted expanses of Germany's largest forest cemetery and watch the Grim Reaper dance. After an idyllic drive through the Südwestfriedhof cemetery, Babelsberg's Oberlinkirche church invites you to stop for music and tap dancing before returning to the city centre for the finale with spectacular percussion.

start: Am Kanal / Alter Markt Potsdam Museum / Neuendorfer Anger Alte Neuendorfer Kirche, Backofen Babelsberg / Teltowkanalbrücke / Schleuse Kleinmachnow / Südwestkirchhof Stahnsdorf Kirchhof, Stabkirche / Oberlinkirche im Oberlinhaus / Schirrhof Schiffbauergasse / goal: Nikolaisaal

BIG BIKE ORCHESTRA: Adrian Zasada Gesang, Maciej Drapiński Akkordeon, Krzysztof Biernacki Saxophon, Jędrzej Rochecki Violine, Maciej Domagalski Percussion, Szymon Wiciński Kontrabass / Fabrice Bihan Violoncello & Vincent de Lavenère Jonglage / LE PIANOTEUR Aimé Charmot Walk Act / Nadja Reich Violoncello & Raquel Lanziner Tanz / Marije Nie Stepptanz & Christina Schütz Orgel / Yves Ytier Geige, Tanz & Anne Freitag Traverso, Tanz / DEUTSCHES FILMORCHESTER BABELSBERG: Posaunenquartett & Hornquartett / LES HAULZ ET LES BAS: Gesine Bänfer & Silke Gwendolyn Schulze Schalmei, Pommer David Yacus & Miguel Tantos Renaissanceposaune, Zugtrompete Emmanuela Lodato Tamburello / Carles Mas i Garcia Flabiol, Einhandflöte, Trommel, Riccardo Delfino Drehleier, Dudelsack, Harfe / Knut Andreas Musikalische Leitung: Eine Brise. Flüchtige Aktion für 111 Radfahrer / GINGKO SAXOPHONQUARTETT Lilly Paddags, Tianhong Wu, Iga Drag, Boliang Liu Saxophon / Vivi Vassileva Marimba, Percussion / Dragan Ribić Akkordeon / Bernadetta & Wilfried Skoppeck Drehorgel

Start: Yorckstraße/corner of Wilhelm-Staab-Straße. Here you exchange your ticket for the day pass and your personal travel documents. Only then will you have free admission to all events. In the historic parks, bicycle traffic is only permitted on the designated routes in compliance with the Highway Code.

Detailed program:
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The tickets are only valid for the booked tour, please make your choice!

Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg
Landeshauptstadt Potsdam
Räderei Am Kanal
Fine Dine Catering
Förderverein Musikfestspiele Potsdam Sanssouci e.V.

Potsdam Museum – Forum für Kunst und Geschichte
Förderverein Alte Neuendorfer Kirche und Neuendorfer Anger e.V.
Backofen Babelsberg - Tatjana Ranglack
Wasserstraßen- und Schifffahrtsamt Berlin
Schleusnerbude Kleinmachnow
Heimat- und Kulturverein Kleinmachnow / Straßenbahn »Linie 96«
Evangelische Kirche – berlin-Brandenburg-schlesische Oberlausitz
Förderverein Südwest e.V.
Oberlin Kirchengemeinde im Oberlinhaus | Im Verbund der Diakonie
Kultur- und Standortmanagement Schiffbauergasse Potsdam
ADFC Ortsgruppe Potsdam
Pedales c/o Bahnland GmbH
fLotte Potsdam c/o Verein zur Förderung innovativer Wohn- und Lebensformen e.V.