Sat 21.30 h
Orangery Palace Plant hall
€ 20

Young festival ticket: 15 €

Admission 9 p.m.

Ticket Hotline
0331 28 888 28

Dancing mania experience: Caught in Motion

At first the crew will dance and then there’ll be your chance.


30 min techno dance performance with 25 movement talents ... followed by open dance to electronic music until midnight



Jana Mendelski concept, direction & DJ

Rhythm is life, is in us as breath, pulse and heartbeat, wants to express itself with excess energy and pulls us towards intoxicating movements. The theme day in Sanssouci spans 500 years of dancing to the point of frenzy until midnight - , with concerts, readings, workshops, dance performances and open dance. Eventually, there is only one thing that can help against »Dancing mania«: to dance!

Under the motto of »Freemotion«, Jana Mendelski gathers people around her who love to move, disregarding whether they may have dancing experience or not. She encourages them to improvise moving, dancing, working out or just enjoying to go crazy. The astonishing performance of her young 25-person crew shows just how far this can take them. A collective choreography emerges from the shared devotion to rhythm through the exchange of individual body languages. If you can't stay in your seat after so much concentrated energy, you will get the chance to dance right afterwards at the Orangerieschloss until midnight or until you have reached ecstasy. Whatever may come first. The crew and a DJ are awaiting you.

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Please note that the event is designed as a standing & dancing concert, there is no entitlement to a seat. Thank you very much!

Dancing until dawn? The last bus from Potsdam, Schloss Sanssouci (No. 695, VBB) takes you to Potsdam Central Station at 0.13 am.