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Le Mariage forcé

The Sun King amuses himself at a comedy with ballet


Le Mariage forcé
(The Forced Marriage, 1664)

Comédie-ballet in 3 acts
Music by Jean-Baptiste Lully



Vincent Tavernier director & artistic director
Hervé Niquet music concept
Marie-Geneviève Massé choreography
Claire Niquet stage
Erick Plaza-Cochet costume
Carlos Perez lighting design

Laurent Prévôt
Marie Loisel Dorimène / 1st fortune teller
Quentin-Maya Boyé Géronimo
Nicolas Rivals Marphurius / Alcidas
Pierre-Guy Cluzeau Pancrace / Alcantor

with the soloists
Lucie Edel soprano: Dorimène, 2nd fortune teller, spaniard
Yannis François bass: magician, spaniard

Anne-Sophie Ott Dorimène, juggler, devil, spaniard
Clémence Lemarchand the jealousy, tightrope walker, devil, spaniard
Marius Lamothe the worry, monsieur Loyal, devil, dancing master
Romain Di Fazio galan, the bear, spaniard
Maya Kawatake Pinon the suspicion, clown, devil, photographer

In 1664, Versailles was not yet a center of power, but a fancy event location where the young Louis XIV threw exclusive parties. Molière and Jean-Baptiste Lully created a new kind of spectacle that combined the king's favorite amusements of theater and dance: the comédie-ballet. In "Le Mariage forcé" he even joined the dance. A royal pleasure awaits you at the historical court theatre!

Sganarelle, a man in his early 50s, has been single so far, but now he has decided to want to get married. But on the day of the wedding, he suddenly gets cold feet. The bride is young and beautiful, but in his dreams, he sees himself being cheated on and laughed at. Should he or shouldn't he? Sganarelle seeks advice from a friend, from two philosophers, from fortune-tellers, a magician ... and in the end there is no way out: he has to do it! – Vincent Tavernier's production in the spirit of the commedia dell'arte sparkles with wit, charm and imagination. Les Malins Plaisir turn every episode of Sganarelle's tragicomic odyssey into a comedic showpiece. Le Concert Spirituel, one of the best French baroque ensembles, provides musical enjoyment, especially in the atmospheric dance scenes - right up to the turbulent wedding feast à l'espagnole.

»Here comes the craziest, most visually attractive, most extravagant comédie-ballet! In their first collaboration, Moliére and Lully unashamedly pull out all the stops with dance, farce, devilry, dreams, circus and brawls: the ideal introduction to comédie-ballet for young and old.« Les Malins Plaisirs

LOGO With dance

B Shuttle bus bookable

Performance in French with German surtitles

Approx. half acting and half music

Duration: approx. 1.5 hours without intermission