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Dance master & devil's violinist

Baroque violin art between France & Italy


Giuseppe Tartini
Violin Sonata op. 1/IV
»Devil's trill«

Pietro Locatelli
Violin Sonata op. 6/XII

Marin Marais
Sonata a la Maresienne,
from: »La Gamme et autre morceaux de Symphonie«, 1723

Jean-Marie Leclair
Violin Sonata op. 9/VIII


Chouchane Siranossian violin
Leonardo García Alarcón harpsichord
Daniel Rosin violoncello

As a kind of »Paganini of the 18th century«, Locatelli astounded with his stupendous virtuosity, while Leclair impressed with his perfect elegance. As principal dancer and ballet master at the Turin Theater, the Frenchman had this in his blood. Leclair played like an angel, Locatelli like a devil, according to the court jester in Kassel, where the two first met in 1728. Tartini even claimed to have received his sonata with the infamous trill from the devil himself in a dream. The brilliant Chouchane Siranossian and her congenial partner transport their audience to heavenly spheres with infernal virtuosity.

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