Sat 16 h
from young to old

Friends of Amarillis

Two friends fight for a beautiful harpist


Musical theatre without words, but with a lot of instruments and not only baroque swing


Margret Köll
baroque harp
Georg Kallweit violin, contrabass & more
Michael Metzler guitar, percussion & even more

Folkert Uhde & Ilka Seifert Dramaturgy & Stage Direction 
Karel de Wit Lighting Design

Normally, when two guys fall in love with the same woman the resulting sounds are not exactly beautiful. This time they are though, because today two musicians fight for love by means of their art! What starts out as a baroque harp concert, accidentally interrupted by two street musician mates soon develops into a game of temptation, disappointment and passion that crosses over musical genre boundaries. The men offer melodic outpourings, virtuosic muscle flexing and instruments ranging from jaw harp to gigantic glockenspiel – and Amarillis? What does she do? Is there a happy ending as a trio? Let’s see….

For families with children from 6

Concert without intermission. Duration: 70 min