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Bicycle concert

24 Concerts, Guided Tours and Viewings in 16 Venues
Bicycle Concert
16. June
Luisenplatz Potsdam

Check-in and departure
Luisenplatz Potsdam from 09.30 until 11.00 h
Departures from 10.00 h
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  • Luisenplatz Opening »Greenman« with Adrian Schvarzstein
  • BILDUNGSFORUM (Forum of Education) Library and Science Floor Stegreif improv woodwind quintet ı Sophie Charlotte & Leibnitz, Klaus Büstrin, reading ı Hands Off Music: globophone, LVR-Anna-Freud-School Cologne ı The Galileis »Music & Science«, Axel Wolf, lute, Dr. Oliver Henneberg lecture, exhibition »Research Window«
  • Nikolaisaal »Allez hopp«, Neue Hofkapelle Graz, Esther & Jonas Slanzi, acrobatics
  • Sport Park Luftschiffhafen MBS Arens & Football Pitch »Sport & Music« Stephan Graf von Bothmer, piano ı hands-on football sounds, Erwin Stache
  • GAME PARK POTSDAM, Great Star bugle quartet
  • CITIZENS’ STATION Beer Garden jazz trio
  • UNIVERSITY OF POTSDAM Campus at the New Palace & Lake Griebnitzsee »Music, Science & Dance« Christian Voss, violin, Marijn Seiffert, Sophia Deiss, dance, vocal trio – The Nymphs, Fontane in Potsdam ı 100 years sounds of theremin, Carolina Eyck ı »Percussion Baroque« Makiko Kurabayashi, bassoon, Georg Fritz oboe, Georgi Verbanov, percussion, lecture
  • ORANGERY PALACE SANSSOUCI Juno – Northern Garden Parterre Trio Muzet Royal
  • VILLA FRANCKE »Music & Architecture« virtuosic violin duets, Evgeny Sviridov & Anna Dmitrieva
  • FILM MUSEUM Cinema, Foyer & Exhibition film »Cycling the Frame« (1988), tuba electronic solo with Jonas Urbat, guided tour »Dream Factory. 100 years of film in Babelsberg«
  • MÄRKISCHE ALLGEMEINE, Print and Processing Hall Stegreif – The Improvising Chamber Orchestra, Trio Muzet Royal, guided tour
  • BOULDER GYM Potsdam 7aplus salsa trio, bouldering for beginners
  • LAWN PARK BABELSBERG rock cello duo »Cemplified«
  • SCHIFFBAUERGASSE Art Space »Music & Art« cycling politics »Polyphonix Mechanix«, Sebastian Düwelt, exhibition »Art Award Photography 2019«
  • CHURCH OF PEACE SANSSOUCI finale »Café Zimmermann« with Bach’s orchestra suite No. 2

For any organisational matters, please get in contact with Dr. Andrea Palent.

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