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A celebtration for Potsdam

Going on a journey – and arriving on the Island of Friendship
11. June
13.30 h (from)
Island of Friendship

A tobacco merchant called Germ was the first Potsdam citizen with a garden on the island between two branches of the River Havel: he called it the »Island of Friendship«. Clearly there could not be a better venue for the island-centric Music Festival to celebrate its opening with friends, sympathizers, natives and newcomers, long-term supporters and chance guests.

All the »island talents« that are otherwise separated by thousands of kilometres of ocean are to come together on the stage on the lawn of Friendship Island today. Island sounds from all over the world will carry the invited musicians to the Friendship Island and can be experienced in concert for three hours in the afternoon.


»Urban Horns«

A ship's horn concert by and with Christof Schläger announces the landing of the musicians.

Bottle concert and Moroccan storytelling tent
No matter what age you are, from 2 years old you can take part in the »Buddelkonzert« with percussionist Philipp Lamprecht (2 p.m. / 2:30 p.m.), from 3 years old you can listen to the island stories of the ERZÄHLWERK (3 p.m. / 4 p.m. / 4:40 p.m.).

From 14:00
On stage - island musicians from near and far

»South Sea Songs«
Of seafarers, wanderlust - and the sea, recorded in songs from baroque to pop, with members of the Lautten Compagney Berlin on saxophone, ukulele, recorder, lute, strings and percussion

The Birkin Tree
Irish folk at its best with Irish traverse flute, fiddle, uillean pipes and band

Simone Sardu
A master of his instrument explains and plays the launeddas, a Sardinian shepherd's shawm

Travelling from Africa: The Tausi Taarab Orchestra and Nawal Mlanao
The first women's orchestra on the island of Zanzibar presents authentic Taarab, a mixture of Arabic, Indian and African influences with vocals, violin, accordion, bongos, gambusi, daf and darbuka.

The Friends of Friendship Island e.V. will provide coffee, cake and drinks.



Island musicians from near and far on stage at the Gate Houses.

Age is irrelevant, two-year-old toddlers join the digging concert with percussionist Philipp Lamprecht and everyone aged 3 and above is welcome in the (German speaking) story tent by Erzählwerk.

Sustenance is provided by the catering quenching not only hunger and thirst but also the travel lust.

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