Vivaldi's Muses

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Open Air
23. Juni
Terrassen, Orangerieschloss Sanssouci

Star alto Sonia Prina, star soprano Roberta Mameli, master violinist Alina Pogostkina and Dorothee Oberlinger with flautino unleashed breathe sparkling life into some of Vivaldi’s most beautiful musical creations. Renowned Vivaldi-interpreters Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca join in celebrating all those famous and nameless virtuosos who inspired his creative outpourings. They famously included students at Ospedale della Pietà, the Venetian orphanage for girls. Its orchestra was legendary. A truly grand finale illuminated by shining fireworks in front of the spectacular setting that is the Orangery Terraces of Sanssouci.


Roberta Mameli, soprano
Sonia Prina, alto
Alina Pogostkina, violin
Dorothee Oberlinger, flautino
Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca

Fireworks: Pyrofabrik


Purely Vivaldi with opera arias and virtuosic instrumental concert
Concerto D-Dur RV 562 for violin, 2 oboes, 2 cornets, strings & B.c.
Concerto for flautino C-Dur RV 443
Concerto G minor op. 8 Nr. 2 RV 315 »L’Estate« (The Summer) from the »Four Seasons«
Concerto C major for two trumpets RV 537