Premiere: Polifemo

Baroque Opera historically staged

An opera rarity from Prussian Queen Sophie Charlotte’s »court of the Muses« takes centre stage at this musical theatre evening that boasts the combined creative forces of three master composers. In 1702 Bononcini’s »Polifemo« saw its world premiere here. A one-eyed giant, a jealous sorceress and the goddess of love create wondrous transformations in a story based on Ovid’s »Metamorphoses«. Music by young Händel and an Alessandro Scarlatti serenata form the prologue. And the »collaborative project« is staged by a historical theatre performance expert – in proper style baroque.


With the singing solists
João Fernandes (Polifemo)
Bruno de Sá (Aci)
Roberta Mameli (Silla/Sole)
Roberta Invernizzi (Galatea/Urania)
Helena Rasker (Glauco/Clio)
Liliya Gaysina (Circe)
Maria Ladurner (Venere)

Ensemble 1700

Dorothee Oberlinger, musical direction
Margit Legler, production, historical mimic art and guestures
Johannes Ritter, costumes & stage design


Giovanni Battista Bononcini
… and as prologue:
Georg Friedrich Händel – Sonata a 5 voci B flat minor HWV 288
Alessandro Scarlatti – Serenata:
Le Muse Urania e Clio lodano le bellezze di Filli

Performance in Italian with German subtitles.
Playing time: 2 hours including one intermission.

A production of the Music Festival Potsdam Sanssouci.