Premiere: Apollon Musagète

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Dance and musical theatre
21. Juni
Nikolaisaal Postdam, Main Auditorium

Kadir Amigo Memiş, founder of the legendary Flying Steps, directs a three-part theatre evening in Vladimir Grafov’s magical light spaces where he creates a new and utterly contemporary style using classical as well as character dance elements with break dance and hip-hop. The focus is on three ingenious early 20th century artists: Georges Gurdjieff wants to lead internally fragmented modern mankind to a new dimension of self-experience by means of ecstatically dancing together. Igor Stravinsky hoped he could ban the addiction to Dionysian drugs with Apollonian laws and finds support in classical structures. Eric Satie distrusts the romantic cult of the emotional and dares the liberating move to a highly focussed world of individual shapes. A team of contemporary artists accepts the challenge and moves what once was music of the future into our here and now.


Kadir Memiş Company
Kadir Amigo Memiş
, choreography
Kammerakademie Potsdam
Peter Rainer, musical direction

Ensemble Sarband
Miriam Andersén, soprano & gothic harp
Ottavia Maria Maceratini, piano
Susanne Ansorg, gothic vielle
Mohamad Fityan, reep pipe
Salah Eddin Maraqa, psaltery
Efstratios Psaradellis, lap vielle

Vladimir Ivanoff, musical direction frame drum
Vladimir Grafov, lighting design
Vladimir Ivanoff, Kadir Amigo Memiş, Thomas Höft & Dorothee Oberlinger, idea & conception


I. Act: Ecstasy
Claude Debussy: Syrinx
Georges Gurdjieff & Thomas de Hartmann: ancient dances

II. Act: Clarity
Igor Strawinsky: Apollon Musagète

III. Act: Asceticism
Erik Satie: Gnossiennes & Gymnopédies