Händel's Terpsichore

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Dance and musical theatre
09. Juni
Orangerieschloss Sanssouci

Not only to Händel did Parisian stardancer Marie Sallé appear as the incarnation of modern dance art. Her creativity ruptured the horizon of a new expressive dance theatre and Händel went into experimental raptures: much like a French Opéraballet his »Terpsichore« brings together instrumental music, singing and dancing creating a new entity, which brought out all his Muse’s facets. The novel ballet fantasy »Les caractères de la danse« Jean-Féry Rebel had brought from Paris presents all contemporary fashion dances in rapid succession: it serves as perfect addition to Händel’s dance of the Muses, celebrated in style by Mojca Gal’s baroque dance company!


International Baroque project featuring soloists, choir & orchestra from the University Mozarteum Salzburg, the Royal College of Music London & the University of the Arts, Bremen
Alfredo Bernardini, musical direction
Dance Company Chorea Basileae
Mojca Gal, choreography & head


A coproduction of the University Mozarteum Salz- burg, the Royal College of Music London, the University
of the Arts Bremen and the Music Festival Potsdam Sanssouci.