Flute Day: Night Recital Robert Dick

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Flute day
10. Juni
Friedenskirche Sanssouci

»If I can hear a sound within me, I’m also able to play it!« True to this motto the »Jimi Hendrix of the flute« has revolutionized the family of transverse flutes with new instruments and playing techniques since the 1970s whilst also inspiring generations of musicians. Classical music, world music, electronic and jazz create new syntheses in his compositions and his wild inner tonal world still releases more incredible sounds – as is the case with his latest piece, which is played on a gigantic bass flute fitted with a microphone system and receives its world premiere in Potsdam!


With self-composed pieces by the New York multi flautist: The Answer | Eye in the Sky | everyone@universe.existence | Book of Shadows | Sliding Life Blues | The Cavern Inside the Crescent Moon (world premiere)