Clara & Robert

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Special place
13. Juni
Museum Barberini, Auditorium

Is marrying your Muse actually a good idea? Especially when this Muse is a thoroughbred musician herself and needs her art like air for breathing? Ask Robert Schumann. But do also ask Clara, née Wieck. This evening tells the story of their heartbreaking love and how it not only saw the end of romanticism in their everyday life, but how it also ended Clara’s creative selfwill. Pieces by Clara, Robert and some beloved companions who were as close in their art as they were in their lives. An homage to a great female artist who actually entertained and enchanted audiences in the Palais Barberini.

In cooperation with Museum Barberini: visit the exhibition »Picasso. The late works« before the concert between 6 and 7 pm.


Meret Lüthi, violin
Els Biesemans, fortepiano (tangent piano)


Music by and stories about Clara & Robert Schumann, Ferdinand David and Joseph Joachim.