Beethoven & Breakfast

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09. June
Palmensaal Neuer Garten

»In men who feel love« creative forces are set in motion indeed. The life of Prussian King Frederick William II contains more than seven variations about this theme. At one point even Beethoven was attributed to him as an  illegitimate  son. The fact is, the former dedicated several pieces to the cello-loving monarch and performed in front of him right here in the Palm Hall where a formidable trio of musicians presents some of the most beautiful children Beethoven fathered with his Muse: his real immortal beloved, who always remained faithful to him.

Join us for an opulent feast in the Hall of Plants before enjoying the arts:
a) 9.00 h breakfast - concert starts: 10.30 h
b) 13.00 h brunch (including warm dishes) - concert starts: 14.30 h
Food prepared by Lena Mauer - à la maison. Ticket prices do not include drinks.


Wolfgang Holzmair, baritone
Marco Testori, violoncello
Costantino Mastroprimiano, fortepiano


Sonate op. 69 for cello & fortepiano | seven variations about »In men who feel love« from Mozart's opera »The Magic Flute« | Lieder: May Singing, The Content One, From Goethe's Faust, A Soliloquy, Adelaide

Before enjoying the arts, a delicious meal is served in the plant hall. Prepared by Lena Mauer - à la maison. Ticket price does not include drinks.

More information about the guidances A and B can be found here >.