aMUSEd by Jazz

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Special place
20. Juni
Restaurant "Le Manège"

Aged 17 Lorenz Widauer debuted in the Salz- burger Festspielhaus and talent extraordinaire Felix Gutschi has already been causing sensations as well. Now in their early 20s they want more than rocking classics. Their recently founded fusion ltd »Chez Fría« brings together like-minded people combining jazz, funk, early music and everything they find inspiring in a fearless mixture of styles. The designer duo Combinege are friends and provide adequately tailor-made outfits.
A fusion of fashion and music. Culinary sustenance before, during and after the concert is provided by Le Manège.


Chez Fría
Ferdinand Rauchmann
, piano & synthesizer
Lorenz Widauer, trumpet
Felix Gutschi, recorder
Paul Widauer, drums
Maximilian Rehrl, trumpet, synthesizer & sound design