Hille & Marthe Perl: Elements

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Hille & Marthe Perl: Elements

Two viols straighten out the world

Palm Hall New Garden / Address: Im Neuen Garten, 14469 Potsdam


Hille Perl, viola da gamba
Marthe Perl, viola da gamba & soprano viol


Fire - Earth - Water - Air captured in 4 preludes by Marthe Perl, Irish Folk Music & compositions by Antonio Soler, Marin Marais, Tobias Hume, Thomas Ford, Michel Farinel et al.


Fire that warms us and ignites us with burning passion. Earth that nourishes us in the eternal circle of growing and decaying. Water, like life itself forever flowing. Air, liquid breath that gives our lightness wings. Four elements - four aggregate states of our being. The right mix is the key but reaching balance is difficult in a rapidly accelerated world. Hille Perl believes music can help us remember the elementary forces of life. Time and again the colourful viola da gamba star surprises with exceptional program ideas. In the duo project with her daughter Marthe two viols give it their all and groove the sound of the elements: earthy, airy. Flowingly rhapsodic and fierily virtuosic.

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