Brunch concert with potatoes

| 11:00 | Concert & Brunch

Brunch concert with potatoes

Delicious music and potatoes deluxe

Orangery Palace Sanssouci / Address: An der Orangerie 3-5, 14469 Potsdam

Fol the dol the diddle dum the day! ...
Old Irish, Scottish & English folk music all about the fruits of the earth


Miriam Andersén, vocals, gothic harp & bones | Susanne Ansorg, fiddle & vocals | Gesine Bänfer, Northumbrian smallpipes, whistles, frame drum, cither, dulcimer & vocals | Ian Harrison, Northumbrian smallpipes, whistles, fiddle, zink & vocals | Steve Player, baroque guitar, historical dancing & vocals


Simon & Garfunkel turned the English folk song "Scarborough Fair" into a world hit. It tells of a farmers' market and a love story and takes us back to an age when the fruits of the earth determined life. Later when potatoes were first planted the former hunger regions in Ireland, Scotland and along England's coasts experienced some wealth. When the dreaded potato blight rampaged there in the 19th century hundreds of thousands of people starved to death. Even more emigrated to the USA - carrying with them the songs of their old home. THE EARLY FOLKBAND dedicates an infectious musical celebration of fertility both to them and to the potato.

You do not have to go home hungry either: the hearty potato brunch features potatoes at their culinary best.

Served by Lena Mauer - à la maison

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