Premiere: Armide

| 20:00

Premiere: Armide

Enchanting: baroque opera à la française

Orangery Palace Sanssouci / Address: An der Orangerie 3-5, 14469 Potsdam

Tragédie en musique by Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687)
Libretto by Philippe Quinault (1635-1688)

Performance presents the shortened version by Innsbrucker Festwochen
In French with German supertitles

Introduction: 7:00 pm | Plant Hall Orangery Palace Sanssouci | Members of the production team talk to Dr. Andrea Palent


Armide                    Emilie Renard, soprano
Renaud                   Rupert Charlesworth, tenor
Phénice                  Daniela Skorka, soprano
Sidonie                   Miriam Albano, soprano
Hidraot                   Pietro di Bianco, bass baritone
Aronte/Ubalde     Tomislav Lavoie, bass
La Haine                  Jeffrey Francis, tenor
Artémidor               Enquerrand de Hys, tenor

Musical direction & violin: Patrick Cohën-Akenine
Director & choreographer: Deda Cristina Colonna
Stage & lighting design: Francesco Vitali


The last opera by Jean-Baptiste Lully and his congenial librettist Quinault was also their greatest masterpiece. Oriental enchantress Armide lures crusaders into her amorous magical realm, conquers a whole army with her powers and is finally defeated by her love to Renaud. An ideal subject for the scenic unfolding of something "merveilleux", something "wonderful", which was considered to be the essence of musical theatre. However, Lully und Quinault turn all the stage magic into an integral part of the drama. All the playing with illusions inevitably results in the main character's tragedy.

"Armide's magic, her talent and her position as beautiful ruler without any competition are tied into her emotional desert. She can always conjure up a magnificent palace or a beautiful garden. But she only knows joy when she finds her soul mate Renaud. That is when Armide becomes real and human." says director Deda Cristina Colonna whose choreography is inspired by historical sources. Patrick Cohën-Akenine, a specialist from the centre de musique baroque de Versailles is in charge of the musical realization. And the splendid costumes are based on baroque originals. This opera is also a feast for the eyes.

A coproduction of the Innsbrucker Festwochen der Alten Musik with the Music festival Potsdam Sanssouci and in cooperation with the Centre de musique baroque de Versailles

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