Parisian Parlours: 
Salon Chopin

| 17:00 | Concerts for children and families

Parisian Parlours:
Salon Chopin

Exclusive, stylish and very sociable: parlour concerts at Palais Lichtenau

Doors open: 4:30 pm | Ballroom at Palais Lichtenau / Address: Kurfürstenstraße 40, 14467 Potsdam

The French "salon" was a model of sophisticated sociability, which quickly became the thing everywhere in Europe. The parlours were also musical hotspots and influenced the musical life of their period. The original ballroom at Palais Lichtenau from 1796 awaits you for a stroll through 150 years of musical culture in parlours staged in six evening concerts. After being welcomed by your hosts Tanja and Axel Fischer as well as by Klaus Büstrin, Chairperson of Friends of the Music Festival, you meet stars of the festival. Enjoy magnificent music sample carefully selected wines in a relaxed atmosphere. Each evening allows you to taste another French wine-growing region (this evening: CHAMPAGNE).


Hardy Rittner, concert piano Erard from the collection Piano Salon Christophori Berlin
Jennipher Antoni, reading


Préludes by Frédéric Chopin
George Sand: "My time on Mallorca" (reading in German)


Chopin much rather performed in a parlour than in front of anonymous crowds. Aristocrats and bohemians, his Polish co-expats and George Sand's friends from the radical left: they united around his piano.

The series "Parisian Parlours" is staged in cooperation with the Supporters' Club of the Music Festival and the Piano Salon Christophori Berlin. We wish to thank our hosts Tanja and Axel Fischer.

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