Bicycle Concert

| 11:00

Bicycle Concert

"Tour de Potsdam"

Departure: Brandenburg Gate Potsdam | CHECK-IN from 10:30 am / Address: Luisenplatz, 14467 Potsdam

Download entire program (in German, PDF 4,5 MB)

Your one-day journey tracing French heritage in Potsdam featuring 25 concerts, guided tours and viewings in 18 venues



  • BRANDENBURGER TOR: "Tambour Session"
  • VINEYARD AT THE OBELISK: Into French Sound - Big-band from Helmholtz-Gymnasium
  • VINEYARD SANSSOUCI PALACE: Xavi Lozano flutes on bicycle parts
  • PICTURE GALLERY SANSSOUCI: Star flautist Alexis Kossenko plays "Solos pour Sans Souci" by Quantz
  • ORANGERY PALACE SANSSOUCI: French Jazz Heroes as Duo - Vincent Peirani (accordion) & Emile Parisien (saxophone)
  • VINEYARD AT KLAUSBERG: "Chansons françaises" - Carole Martiné
  • CITY HALL POTSDAM: "Monsieur Mathieu's Children" - Children's Choir Potsdam Music School "J. S. Bach" | "Psssst" - Pantomime with Peter Mim
  • WHITSUN CHURCH: Harp de luxe - Maria Cleary & Catherine Jones play pieces by Jean-Pierre Duport
  • MEMORIAL LEISTIKOWSTRASSE: Jean Baron plays Veuze, the bagpipe from Brittany
  • SHORE WATERWORKS BERTINISTRASSE: In the middle of France "Rue Musette No. 1" - Carmen Hey & Martin Weiss
  • NEW LAKESHORE WAY AT JUNGFERNSEE: "Rue Musette No. 2-4" - French accordionists on the road
  • COMMUNS AT THE NEW PALACE: battaglia-flutes (Anne Freitag) & Tambours of the French emperor guards
  • NIKOLAISAAL POTSDAM: The GlasBlasSingQuintett rocks wine bottles
  • ARTHOUSE SANS TITRE: Cristal Baschet, an instrumental rarity, played by Thomas Bloch
  • FRENCH CHURCH: Music from Brittany - Jean Baron (bombarde) & Cédric Salaün (organ)
  • CHURCH OF ST. PETER AND PAUL: baroque music from Versailles with Les Ambassadeurs

Vineyard at the Obelisk: vineyard tours | Vineyard Sanssouci Palace: French influences all around the palace | Vineyard at Klausberg: Parisian Chic in Prussia's Gardens, exhibition Royal Vineyard with wine tasting (Mosaik-Werkstätten gGmbH), guided vineyard tours, viewings at Belvedere Klausberg | City Hall Potsdam, Whitsun Church, Memorial Leistikowstraße & Waterworks Bertinistraße: Guided Tours | Villa Quandt: Potsdam and wine (Lutz H. Prüfer) | Arthouse sans titre: Exhibition & viewing of art workshops | French Church: Architect Knobelsdorff's late work | Huguenot Garden (Gutenbergstr. 77): viewing with garden architect Ina Holz


Two tours present French-inspired Potsdam, explore its history, its savoir vivre, and discover how French taste affected the landscape, the city planning and especially the music.

This unhurried yet entertaining route (10 km) takes cyclists directly to Park Sanssouci and its three royal vineyards, which offer unique views of the city, a bicycle-spare-part-flautist and wine tastings as well as Parisian chic in Prussia's gardens. The Picture Gallery of Sanssouci, the Orangery Palace and the former winemaker's house - aka the Dragonhouse at Klausberg - bid you to stay before you visit the French city quarters after passing the Communs at the New Palace. Get ready to meet tambours, listen to wine bottle music as well as to rare old instruments before the closing music from Versailles is played in the Church of St. Peter and Paul.
= suitable for families!

The second tour, its 20 km great vineyard routeis somewhat more challenging, lets you experience Potsdam's winemaking and the history of these locations from the 17th to the 21st century. Accompanied by French sounds this tour takes you from the vineyard at the obelisk via Potsdam City Hall to the Große Weinmeisterstraße (Great Winemaker Street) with Whitsun Church, Villa Quandt, Military City No 7 and to what used to be vineyards between Heiliger See and what is now Pfingstberg. The picturesque landscape along Jungfernsee becomes "Rue Musette" before you cross the bridge at Teufelsgraben to get to the Communs at the New Palace and the vineyards of Sanssouci. The closing concert happily reuniting all the cyclists awaits you at Church of St. Peter and Paul.

Brandenburg Gate Potsdam 10.30 to 12.00 pm

Once you get your day-passes and your personal travel documents in exchange for your tickets you may access all events. Cycling in the historic parks is only permitted on the designated cycling lanes.

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