A night at Versailles

| 22:00

A night at Versailles

Royal festival music and fireworks for everyone

Orangery Terraces Sanssouci / Address: Maulbeerallee, 14469 Potsdam

When Jordi Savall and LE CONCERT DES NATIONS capture the magical splendour of royal celebrations at the French court in music they set the Orangery Terraces in Sanssouci ablaze with the glamour of Versailles.


Guy Ferber, René Maze, trumpets | Alessandro Pique, Emiliano Rodolfi, oboe | Christophe Tellart, musette de cour | Marc Hantaï, Yi-Fen Chen, transverse flute | Quim Guerra, Josep Borràs, bassoon | Pedro Estevan, Daniel Garay, kettledrums and percussions
Manfredo Kraemer (concertmaster), Santi Aubert, Elisabet Bataller, Guadalupe del Moral, kathleen Leidig, Ricart Renart, Isabel Serrano, violin | Angelo Bartoletti, Maria Dolores Fernández, viola | Balázs Máté, Antoine Ladrette, violoncello | Xavier Puertas, violone | Xavier Diaz-Latorre, guitar & theorbo | Dani Espasa, harpsichord & organ

Musical director: Jordi Savall

Fireworks: Pyrofabrik


At the court of Louis XIII.:
Le Ballet de Cour

Music for the grand court ballets from Philidor L'Aisné's collection

The Sun King's era:
festival culture and opera

Dance music and orchestra pieces from "Alceste" by Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687)
and "Alcione" by Marin Marais (1656-1728)

The Epoch of Louis' XV.:
Rameau's great age

Orchestra suites from "Naïs", "Zoroastre" and "Les Boréades"
by Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764)


Louis XIV turned one of his father's hunting lodges near Paris into the palace of palaces: and every prince dreamed of living in the shining splendour of Versailles. The spectacular festivities held in the illuminated gardens became legend a long time ago, but they were not the only venue for celebrations. The "ballets de cour" saw the courtiers themselves dancing in splendiferous costumes following sophisticated choreographies. The opera mirrors the pomp of gallant royal parties by putting them on stage and the audience returns its favourite dances back to the ballroom. Music, dance and theatre are the very essence of royal celebrations. Jordi Savall and his top ensemble bring sparkling orchestral joy to this threefold royal fête de la musique - with fireworks the Sun King could only dream of.

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