Landscaped Garden of the Joop Family

| 19:00

Landscaped Garden of the Joop Family

Right in the middle of paradise: music in Potsdam's gardens

Landscaped Garden of the Joop Family / Address: Ribbeckstrasse 39, 14469 Potsdam

RAIN ACTIVITIES: Gardenmusic will take place at the original venue. Our staff at the venue will inform you about any changes.

A number of particularly beautiful private gardens in Potsdam open their gates exclusively and host an al fresco home concert. After being greeted by your hosts in person you will find out all about the garden and its history and meet the festival artists up, close and personal. Relax and enjoy superb music with coffee, wine and some small dainties: leave your daily routine behind and enter the magical empire of blossoming gardens.

The "Garden Music" is presented in cooperation with the Friends of the Music Festival Potsdam Sanssouci. We wish to express our gratitude to all garden owners who kindly agreed to open their gardens to us.


Dominique Paris, François Lazarevitch, musette
Klaus Büstrin, reading (in German)


In the beginning there was only a small perennial garden in Paul Ebert's large vegetable garden. Over the years his daughter Ursula, herself a gardener, turned into landscaped garden with an eclectic use of space and a great variety of plantings. When Ursula Ebert died, her sister Charlotte Joop added new features to the floral realm. We owe the fact that we can fully enjoy how water, light, shadows, colours and shapes characterise and make the garden to the Joop family's careful upkeep and maintenance.

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