In the last Garden

| 20:00

In the last Garden

Where Lenné rests in peace

Bornstedt Cementery / Address: Bornstedt Church, Ribbeckstraße, 14469 Potsdam (meeting point)

A DAY WITH LENNÉ (seven sleepers day): What would Potsdam's gardens be without Peter Joseph Lenné? He not only left wonderful creations, which we still enjoy in Sanssouci and in the New Garden, in Glienicke, on Peacock Island, in Petzow and in many other places, he also came up with the master plan of turning the "island" of Potsdam into a green countryside paradise. This is why this whole day shall be dedicated to him and his gardens. A resounding homage to one of the greatest garden artist and landscape designers of his era who did not only create small paradises for kings but also the most beautiful of habitats for everyone!


Monika Schulz-Fieguth, photographs
Klaus Büstrin, reading
Martin Ripper, recorder


Literary walk with poetic views on the Bornstedt Cemetery and a musical interlude with pieces from Jacob van Eyck's (around 1590-1657) "Fluyten Pleasure-Court".


In many languages the word for "garden" contains "fence", which encloses and protects it: a garden is a closed and peaceful place. When a person reaches the end of her days one last garden awaits welcoming people for their eternal rest and comforting those left behind. Each tombstone marks the end of a biography and apart from Peter Joseph Lenné and the great gardeners of the Sello family, many significant individuals of Prussian history found their final resting place in Bornstedt. When Monika Schulz-Fieguth and Klaus Büstrin take you for a walk on the Bornstedt Cemetery making the tombstones reveal their stories you are certain to look at this "last garden" differently. And Martin Ripper follows in the footsteps of Jacob van Eyck who used to delight people in Utrecht with his recorder playing.

Meeting point: Bornstedt Church, Column Alley
Get your OHRPHON (audio guide) here: when strolling across the cemetery you can conveniently listen to your knowledgeable guides' explanations.

And if you want to find out more: the book "In the last Garden" by Monika Schulz-Fieguth and Klaus Büstrin is published in 2015.

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