Charming and Gallant

| 10:00

Charming and Gallant

A garden theatre party for children

Hedge Theatre at the New Palace Sanssouci / Address: Am Neuen Palais, 14469 Potsdam

Play Rococo in the Hedge Theatre right behind the New Palace!


Annette Paul (conception & head of project)
Peter Hofmann, Steffen Findeisen, Jana Feiler, Noriko
Suse Weisse, Dieta Krüger,

Peter A. Bauer, chiming mechanism
Thomas Dürr, Juggling


Garden parties used to be very popular in the Rococo era. They were called "fêtes galantes", because back then French was as popular as English is today. How about visiting a real Rococo garden party? See in the great mirror how crinolines and sleeves turn you into fashion-conscious Demoiselles und Messieurs. A white powdered face and a beauty spot are a must! There is also a perfumer with many different fragrances. The fan is very important: you create it yourselves and you will learn the secret language of fans and even a dance with fans. Resting on cushions you listen to stories and fairy tales and try exotic fruits from Pomona's horn of plenty while the grown-ups you have brought are listening to gallant stories in the park. And after a small concert with glass music and a glass ball juggler, they are even allowed to admire your fan dance!

Admission from 9.45 h

Event is in the past.