The Sea at the centre

| 20:00 | Concerts for children and families

The Sea at the centre

Opening Concert packed with Mediterranean passion and Southern temperament

Church of Peace Sanssouci


BARROCADE The Israeli Baroque Collective
Claire Meghnagi, soprano
Jacob Reuven, mandolin
Eyal Leber, guitar
Shlomit Sivan, violin

Jesus Mendéz, flamenco vocals
Ghalia Benali & Moufadhel Adhoum, vocals and oud
Four tenors from the Sardinian brotherhood SU CUNCORDU 'E SU ROSARIU


Francesco Geminiani (1687-1762)
Concerto grosso op. 5/12 in D-Minor »La Folia« (after Corelli)

Emanuele Barbella (1718-1777)
Mandolin Concert in D-Major

Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805)
Fandango from the guitar quintet G. 448
Minuet from the string quintet G. 275

Salomone Rossi (1570-1630)
Sinfonia | Shir Hme'a lot | Sonata sopra La Romanesca |
Barechu | Sonata Bargamesca

FolkBaroque with
Claudio Monteverdi, Isaac Albéniz,
Gaspar Sanz
and Biagio Marini


A byzantine mosaic from a Venetian church shines golden from the apsis. The space is filled with flamenco vocals, the young »Israeli Baroque Collective« responds with Italian composers that might feel Spanish. Then there is the ancient Sardinian singing tradition and the Oriental sounds from Northern Africa and the songs of the Sephardi Jews ... This year the opening concert takes you right into the world of Mediterranean music and offers a preview of the discoveries and surprises that await you this season. A declaration of love to the sea at the centre, which continues to tell a never-ending, common story of cultural diversity, of being a dreamy paradise and a trouble spot.

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