The golden Apple

| 19:30

The golden Apple

An Baroque-Opera for all the senses

Orangery Palace Sanssouci / Address: Eastward Plant Hall

That has not happened before: Dine like an aristocrat, enjoy a set menu that features the golden apples as prominently as Cesti's opera of the same title does and follow the life of the opera company, their small tragedies and comedies.

Festa Teatrale
Ouverture: Menu à l'Orange
to be followed by scenes from
»Il pomo d'oro« by Antonio Cesti (1623-1669),
»Gli amori d'Apollo e di Dafne« by Francesco Cavalli (1602-1676)

Villanelles, arias and songs by
John Dowland, Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger, Gasparo Sartorio 
et al.


Rodrigo d'Oro, impressario               Marcos Fink, bass-baritone
Isabella Cantinella, prima-donna      Emanuela Galli, mezzo-soprano
Aurilla Sturm, female lover               Marie-Sophie Pollak, soprano
Leandro di Portogallo, male lover    Fernando Guimarães, Tenor
Giovanni Altezzo, male servant        Benno Schachtner, Countertenor
Magda Fame, female servant            Olga Pitarch, soprano
chamberlain                                             Peter Pruchniewitz, actor
court lady                                                  Laura Garde, actress
juggler                                                       Thomas Dürrfeld

Musical direction and viola da gamba, guitar: Pierre Pitzl
Directrd by: Christoph von Bernuth
Designed by: Alfred Peter
Dramaturgy and texts: Micaela von Marcard


The longing for the South, its warmth, its fruits, its cuisine but above all its passion has always been dominating people of the northern hemisphere with its long winter nights and its cold wet temperatures. Attempts are made to import the southern way of life, its botany, its culinary delights and not only since the 17th century has the heat of the music been popular. After the birth of the opera was celebrated in Italy it went on a triumphant European tour. Opera companies took the genre further and further to the North. The rulers welcomed them with open arms, built them their own theatres and founded their own ensembles since opera based on ancient and mythological stories seemed a natural way of glorifying leaders.

An opera company from Naples has been on the road for six months following an invitation by the Prussian King. However the journey across the Alps was very hard. Carrying music by Cesti and Cavalli in their luggage, hungry and exhausted, they finally make it to the Orangery Palace Sanssouci, where everyone has stopped expecting them. The court is currently dining. The chamberlain directs the singers to their makeshift accommodation and informs them about the patron's wish: Antonio Cestis »Il pomo d'oro«. That is a tall order indeed since the opera has fifty parts. Now the company has a problem ...

Menu à l’orange
Sophisticated bishop. Punch from Seville oranges from Henriette Davidi’s 1877 cookbook
Cubes of salmon fillet with orange blossom jelly
Sweet lime crème with avocado and chili in a courgette coat
Capon frikassee with Seville oranges
Roast fillet from the Havel zander with Seville orange sauce
Roast chicken breast slices on chicory and oranges
The lemon fruit trilogy:
Seville orange crème in buiskuit Lemon fruit salad
Orange walnut tart 

Head chef Ingo Bassenge and his team from Fine Dine Catering are cooking for you

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