Sunrise at the marble palace

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Sunrise at the marble palace

Can a Sunday start more beautifully?

Marble Palace, New Garden

Be honest! When was the last time you watched the sun rise outdoors? The Music Festival Sanssouci entices you to be an early bird! We promise an unforgettable morning with magical sounds at dusk, a trip around the Med and an ancient breakfast.

Initially a concert awaits you on the lake terrace until sunrise at 4.43 h:


Erik Drescher, flute & Katia Guedes, vocals


Salvatore Sciarrino (*1947 )
La perfezione di uno spirito sottile


This music can only live outdoors. Ideally on the threshold between night and morning. A lonely voice. Flute sounds like a gentle breeze, like a gust of wind, like the growling of a mythical monster. The lyrics: an orphic inscription dug up from the lost city of Eleutherna on Crete. The tentative invocation of another dimension. A great piece by a genius composer.

This is followed by a Guided Tour in the Marble Palace: it would much rather be located somewhere in the South and is filled with so many travel bug paintings and ancient reminiscences, you can do a trip around the Med in these rooms: Michael Adam and Susanne von der Osten-Sacken present it with in-depth knowledge as well as much fun and imagination.
Guided tours are in German!

The following Lucullan Ancient Breakfast with Mediterranean specialties gives you an opportunity to listen for some lingering sounds of what you've heard and to gather strength for what is to come - after all, the Sunday is just starting ...

Event is in the past.