Spanish Heart

| 20:00 | Concerts for children and families

Spanish Heart

Songs and music by the Sephardic Jews

New Chambers Sanssouci / Address: Ovid Gallery

Age old romances and timeless chansons of longing and melancholy


Esteban Manzano,
Doret Florentin, recorder
Tulio Rondon, viola da gamba
Sarah Ridy, baroque harp
Juan Martinez, percussion


[TIME TO LISTEN] 19.00 h: "Sephardic music today"-
Doret Florentin talks to Dr. Jelle Dierickx

The dream of religions and cultures living in a peaceful togetherness where Orient and Occident unite their best - it was a reality in Moorish Spain. When the catholic kings drove the Jews from Spain in 1492, the splendour of Al Andalus was gone. Tens of thousands were looking for a new home in the countries around the Mediterranean, their ancestors live all over the world today. The memory of the old home, the »Sepharad« lives in Ladino, their language and in their songs. Musicians from all over the world have come together and founded the ensemble ME LA AMARGATES TÚ to revive the sounds of Sepharad. The winners of the international competition for Jewish Music offer a fascinating, orientally shining melodics and rhythmical drive. And Esteban Manzano's silky voice is simply irresistible ... 

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