Solomon in Mantua

| 20:00 | Concerts for children and families

Solomon in Mantua

A contemporary of Monteverdi between palazzo and synagogue

Orangery Sanssouci / Address: Raffael Hall

Italian Madrigals, instrumental music and Hebrew psalms in excerpts from
Songs of Solomon by Salomone Rossi (1570-1630)


Doron Schleifer, David Feldman, cantus
Lior Leibovici, Dan Dunkelblum, tenor
Katya Polin, Eva Saladin, violin
Orí Harmelin, chitarrone
Bassus, cembalo & musical direction: Elam Rotem


That fact that a Jewish musician was granted honours at the court in Matua in 1600 was far from self-evident: the Jews in Mantua were suffering from day-to-day discrimination, had to wear a yellow mark and in 1612 they were forced into a guarded ghetto. However, when we listen to Salomone Rossi's elegant madrigals we know: this music could not be stopped by religious limitations. It opened the doors of the noblest houses for him and made him a prominent figure in Mantua's musical life. His friend rabbi Leone da Modena declared choral singing in several voices admissible in synagogues for the first time and thus encouraged Rossi to create the first polyphone musical version of Hebrew texts in his Hashirim asher li'Shlomo. The result basically reinvented synagogue singing from the spirit of modern Italian vocal music. Having established themselves as Rossi specialists PROFETI DELLA QUINTA are the first choice for this delightful repertoire.

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