Shore to shore

| 20:00 | Concerts for children and families

Shore to shore

Sounds of the Middle Ages at the Mediterranean Sea

New Chambers Sanssouci / Address: Ovid Gallery

French: Tierche Estampie Roial | Dansse Real
Italian: Belicha Italian | Tre Fontane | Chominciamento di gioia | Lamento di Tristano - La Rotta
Andalusian: San'a in modo Istihal | Lamma Bada
Sephardic: Los Bilbilicos
Turkish: Rast pesrev
Oriental: Laïli Djân


Alejandro Villar, medieval soprano-, alto- and tenor recorders flutes, double flute (Italy), gemshorn (Central Europe), sheperds' flute (Spain), ney (Maghreb)
David Mayoral, percussion: doira, santur (Persia), toph or bendir respectively (Israel), darabuca (Maghreb & Middle East), doumbeck (Turkey), tamburello (Italy), tambourine (Spain), tuned bells


[TIME TO LISTEN] 19.00 h: Do you knoy what a doumbeck is? - David Mayoral and Alejandro Villar talk to Dr. Jelle Dierickx

Old handwritings only preserve a fleeting shadow of the music that sounded at medieval courts. It takes a lot of spirited research and imagination to revive the simple melody lines. Alejandro Villar and David Mayoral succeed in doing so by reconnecting them to the living Mediterranean musical traditions that have nurtured them. The journey is from the South of France and Italy via Moorish Al-Andalus far to the east into the Ottoman Empire more or less tracing back the path many instruments once travelled on their way to the west. Using various brilliantly played flutes and an incredibly colourful range of percussion instruments from the biblical toph to the Persian dulcimer santur ELOQVENTIA unleash a sheer sound intoxication: hard to believe that all this is done by two musicians only.

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