Sanccouci Prom Concert: 
O Sole mio!

| 21:00

Sanccouci Prom Concert:
O Sole mio!

Closing Concert with dancing & fireworks in the streets of Naples

Sanssouci Palace / Address: Court of Honour

So our Mediterranean journey comes to an end in a musical dream city with fireworks at the Posillipo - because, after all - that means: Sanssouci!


Jean-François Lombard, tenor
Artavazd Sargsyan, tenor
Ana Yepes, Olivier Collin, dance
Sergio Pla, dance and acrobatics
Pierre-Yves Denis, Marion Korkmaz, violin
Nicolas Crnjanski, violoncello
Franck Ratajczyk, contrabass
Rémi Cassaigne, guitar
Harpsichord, piano & musical direction: Jérôme Correas

Choreography: Ana Yepes
Directed & designed by: Olivier Collin
Lighting design: Dominique Guerder

Fireworks by: Pyrofabrik


With 19th century Neapolitan Songs, including
»Tiritomba«, »Santa Lucia« and »Funiculi Funicula«

Duets, villanelles and instrumental music by
Giovanni Lenardo Primavera (1540-1585), Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725), Emanuele Barbella (1718-1777), Domenico Cimarosa (1749-1801) and others.


O mia bella Napoli, anyone who has seen you just once can never forget you and even people who have never seen you know your songs because your passionate joy for singing has, so it seems, always been with you. The French baroque ensemble LES PALADINS stroll through your streets, which are the stage for the comedy that is life in all its glamour and misery. They capture the sound and air of your essential being in a theatrically musical spectacle that imaginatively combines music, dance and acrobatics. It contains four centuries of music: the villanelles and the tarantellas from the Renaissance as well as the Spanish steps resounding from your cobblestones, the artful baroque arias and of course the 19th century earworms from »Santa Lucia« to »Funiculi funicula«.

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