Prince Charles`yearning for Italy

| 20:00

Prince Charles`yearning for Italy

A musical walk into sunset

Glienicke Park / Address: Meeting Point: Entrance Glienicke Palace


Ulrich Hermann, Guided Tour

Ancient sounds MUSICA ROMANA
Merit Zloch, ancient harp; Susanne Rühling, panpipe and vocals

Concert with Bettina Lange, flute & Tatjana Schütz, harp


William Alwyn (1905-1985)
Naiades (Fantasy-Sonata) for flute and harp
Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
Pour invoquer Pan, Dieu du vent d'été (Invocation of Pan, God of the Summer Wind)
from: Six Epigraphes antiques


When he discovered the experience of being surrounded by ancient relicts on his first journey to Italy, Prince Charles, younger brother to King Frederic William IV primarily felt one thing: united with the landscape and surrounded by the bustle of the present. The impression did not remain without its effects. His home in Glienicke looks and feels as if the plan had been to build a villa in Italy and while doing so the architect found ancient pieces that were spontaneously added to the design of the building and the garden. Discover his art treasures when you walk from the Garden Court of the Palace through the Pleasureground to the Venetian Cloister Court, listen to the sound of ancient instruments and meet the summer wind god Pan at the »Casino« concert - before you drift dreamily towards the sunset (at 21.33 h) while enjoying a glass of wine and grapes looking at the Jungferninsel.

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