| 11:00


Satisfying musical hunger with a Spaghetti Concert

Orangery New Garden / Address: Palm Hall and Hall of Plants

A 60-minute concert-workshop for children aged 6 to 12 and their parents
discover the amazing world of the baroque passacaglia and the joy of sharing a big bowl of pasta!


Meret Lüthi, violin
Sabine Stoffer, violin
Love Persson, violone
Ieva Saliete, harpsichord
Simon Linné, theorbo


Spaghetti without anything tastes pretty unspectacular. But by adding sauces and other ingredients you can create many different delicious meals. The musical format passacaglia works a bit like that, too. The harpsichord and the violone are the bass and like the spaghetti, the foundation that stays the same all the time. And then the other instruments are added with their melodies like sauces on top. Sometimes it's decorative, sometimes it's transformed, there's no limit to the possibilities: all you need is your imagination. Musicians have fun doing that, which is why composers like Andrea Falconieri, Francesco Antonio Bonporti or Heinrich Franz Ignaz Biber have come up with great passacaglias and ciaccones and we need your help to serve them freshly. Would you like to know how we »cook« our pastacaglia with violins, cembalo, lute and violone? Then join us in the beautiful Palm Hall! There's just one thing you must bring: a hunger for music!

Event is in the past.