Passion Harmony

| 19:00 | Kids & family

Passion Harmony

The magical effects of conjoined voices

Orangery Sanssouci / Address: Raffael Hall

Masterpieces of sacral vocal polyphony from the 13th to the 15th century
meet sacral folk music from Sardinia


Alessandro Carmignani, Gianluigi Ghiringhelli, Renzo Bez, countertenor
Alberto Allegrezza, Fabio Furnari, Paolo Fanciullacci, Vincenzo Di Donato, tenor
Giovanni Dagnino, Davide Benetti, bass
Musical direction: Paolo Da Col

The four tenors of the Sardinian confraternity
Giovanni Ardu, Mario Corona, Roberto Iriu, Antonio Migheli


Raffael Hall serves as atmospheric backdrop when renowned vocal ensemble Odhecaton and the four tenors of the Sardinian confraternity Su Concordu 'E Su Rosariu raise their voices. These singings still accompany Holy Week on Sardinia and they continue a polyphonic folk art known as »canto a tenore«, the incredible tonal range of which is the main reason why it was made UNESCO world heritage. However, the concert conjoins two very different worlds: the Sardinian Passion singings and the refined vocal polyphony by the Franco-Flemish master composers. Yet, they are animated by the same spirit. It's this music's meditative width and its touching intensity that makes this meeting the experience it is.

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