Palermo 1140

| 20:00 | Concerts for children and families

Palermo 1140

A musical journey to Sicily through time

Church of Peace Sanssouci

A remarkable vocal ensemble explores the Capella Palatina's world of sacral singing.


Hassan Boufous, Ahmed El Maai, Tomàs Maxé, Marius Peterson, Jean-Christophe Brizard, Adrian Sirbu, Dorin Ionescu, Patrizia Hardt, Razek François BitarMusical direction: Björn Schmelzer


People entering the palace chapel of Sicily's Norman Kings are almost blinded by the splendour of gold shining byzantine mosaics, but above them is an Arabian sky with rich, elaborate woodcarvings. Given its location as geographical focal point, Sicily saw many different rulers and became a much fought for melting pot and meeting point of cultures. King Roger II made the coexistence of religions the theme in his royal chapel and created a house of prayer that was home to both the Latin and Byzantine rites as well as to the Islam of the Fatimids and Tunisian Sufi. Regaining the lost tonal world of the Capella Palatina from 1140 and realizing its songs is an ambitions project. One of the most exciting vocal ensembles currently performing have accepted the challenge - the lusty, earthly untamed sound of distinctive voices sends shivers down the spine.

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