Nuria Rial: Catalan Songs

| 19:00 | Kids & family

Nuria Rial: Catalan Songs

»La dama d'Aragó« - from tender to wild

Nikolaisaal / Address: Great Hall

Romances, villancicos, boleros, jotas:
Traditional music from Catalonia from the Middle Ages until today


Nuria Rial, soprano

Doron Sherwin, zink
Veronika Skuplik
, violin
Margit Übellacker, psaltery
Eero Palviainen, baroque guitar and archilute
Quito Gato, guitar and baroque guitar
Sarah Ridy, baroque harp
David Mayoral, percussion
Boris Schmid, contrabass
Francesco Turrisi, harpsichord and percussions

Theorbo & musical direction: Christina Pluhar


Catalonia has its own language and takes great pride in its traditions. It was a Mediterranean power long before »Spain« in any contemporary sense existed and it ruled over territories including Provence, the Balearics, Sardinia, Sicily and parts of Greece. It is home to musicians such as Ferran Sor, Pau Casals or Jordi Savall - and of course the evening's charming protagonist: Nuria Rial and her captivating timbre. The effortless naturalness of her singing and her phenomenal musicality have taken international audiences by storm. The ECHO award winner does not see herself as baroque specialist, she is far more curious than that. And L'ARPEGGIATA with the brilliantly creative Christina Pluhar is the perfect opportunity for exploring that curiosity. The outstanding ensemble's new program celebrates the Catalan music tradition with stupendous virtuosity, an unmistakeable grasp of colours and nuances, rich tonal colour and this inimitable sound that leaves you wanting more ...

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