Night of Antiquity: 
Marco Beasley

| 00:30

Night of Antiquity:
Marco Beasley

Unique: Sanssouci's Picture Gallery opens its gates at night

Sanssouci Park / Address: Picture Gallery

Watching, listening, wondering, dreaming -
In one of the most beautiful gallery spaces in the world.


00.30 h
Concert with Marco Beasley: Solo for Orpheus, a Midnightstory


The plain exterior is pure understatement - inside a shining baroque beauty awaits you! The Picture Gallery in Sanssouci is a gesamtkunstwerk that presents its treasures in the most exquisite of spaces. The precious originals from Frederic II's collection of antiquities can be viewed in their old location until the end of 2014 only. They correspond with ancient picture motifs of many paintings. Paintings tell stories - the incomparable Marco Beasley does so just by means of his voice's suggestive power in a rhapsodic monologue between Old Music and old folksong that becomes an intimate dialogue with the listener. And when the four female VOCA ME singers raise their voices, the gallery sky shines even brighter.

The gallery remains open until 04.00 h. Take your time to serenely discover the world of the paintings. Or rest on one of the soft mats and feel the magic of the space.

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