| 22:00 | Open Air


The Sound of the Mediterranean with international stars, dance and fireworks

Orangery Sanssouci / Address: Terraces

Christina Pluhar and her formidable all-star ensemble take you on a musical cruise and celebrate the sun filled music of the South from the fado's burning desire to the wild tarantella - in the setting of the Orangery Terraces where Frederic IV's Italian dream became spectacular architectural reality.


Mísia, fado
Nuria Rial, soprano
Vincenzo Capezzuto, vocals
Katerina Papadopoulou, vocals
Anna Dego, teatrodanza

Doron Sherwin, cornet | Veronika Skuplik, violin | David Mayoral, percussions | Margit Übellacker, psaltery | Quito Gato, baroque guitar | Eero Palviainen, baroque guitar & archilute | Francesco Turrisi, harpsichord | Sarah Ridy, baroque harp | Boris Schmidt, contrabass

Daniel Pinto, fado viola | Sandro Daniel Costa, Portuguese guitar | Sokratis Sinopoulos, lyre | Nikolaos Mermigkas, Constantinople lute

Theorbo & musical direction: Christina Pluhar

Fireworks by: Pyrofabrik


The music of the Mediterranean is as manifold as the countries, people and cultures surrounding it. The sea in the centre brings them together and like boats sailing from coast to coast, songs travel from soul to soul. Greece is nearby in the grico music of Southern Italy, right next door Turkey offers the orient's spicy aroma. There are Moorish sounds in Spain and arabesque decorations in Portugal's fado, which belongs to the cultural force field of the Mediterranean family. And when plucking instruments from all countries mix their sounds time and again yet always differently, one thing is certain: music knows no borders.

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