Mediterranean Monday´s Club

| 20:00

Mediterranean Monday´s Club

Talking about the Mediterranean - to turn crises into opportunities

Villa Schöningen, Swan Avenue / Address: near Glienicke Bridge

New perspectives of the cultural region Mediterranean Sea
in talks, images, videos & live music


Prof. Dieter Richter, writer & culture historian
Prof. Bernd Thum,
Foundation Wissensraum Europa - Mittelmeer (WEM) e.V. Stuttgart
Sélim Harbi, photographer & multimedia artist
Taner Akyol, composer & musician, baglama

The leading individuals from the Berlin enlightenment would come together in the Monday's Club and have conversations to broaden their points of view. Every year the Music Festival revives this tradition. This time the topic is a sea, which is much more than a fact of geography since »it globally encompasses the souls of all peoples who have received its message either directly or by means of a transmitting civilisation«, as philosopher René Habachi wrote. Dieter Richter, who wrote »The sea. History of the oldest landscape.« sketches a brief overview of the Mediterranean's cultural history from ancient seafarers via Goethe to the new German mass tourism and the refugee tragedy off Lampedusa. Bernd Thum is a one-of-a-kind expert when it comes to outlining the future potential of a shared knowledge space that ranges from the Niger to the North Cape.

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