Luigi Boccherini: from Lucca to Madrid

| 20:00 | Kids & family

Luigi Boccherini: from Lucca to Madrid

Let’s do the nightlife in Madrid!

Orangery Sanssouci / Address: Raffael Hall


Lina Tur Bonet, violin
Miren Zeberio, violin
Daniel Lorenzo, viola
Vega Montero, violone
Enrike Solinís, guitars
Daniel Garay, percussion
Violoncello and artistic direction: Josetxu Obregón


Luigi Boccherini (1743 - 1805)
String quintet B-flat major G. 337
Allegro alla militare & menuetto con variazioni
(from the sonatas G. 5 and G.3 for violoncello and b.c.)
Improvisation with the Fandango Sonata in C-major G.3
Minuetto from the string quartet G. 275
Musica notturna delle strade di Madrid, G. 324
(The music in the streets of Madrid at night)


»If god wanted to speak to humans with music, he would do so with pieces by Haydn, but if he wanted to listen to something himself, he would pick Boccherini.« French violinist Jean Baptiste Cartier was not the only one thinking along these lines, after all Luigi Boccherini was one of the most loved composers of his period. Born in Lucca he spent half his life in Madrid, which really served his music well. The way he humorously and graphically captures the street life at night in his »Musica Notturna«: a motion picture soundtrack without the screening, the cinema is in the head. Boccherini is responsible for the close connection between the Mediterranean and Potsdam: Frederic William II made his favourite composer Chamber Composer and had him write new music regularly. That is why in 2014 the Music Festival Sanssouci dedicates three days exclusively to this great 18th century composer who simply does not get the attention he so richly deserves.

A writing workshop is offered to accompany this concert;
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The Movie for the Concert: »BOCCHERINI'S SECRET«
19.00 h | Hall of Plants, Orangery | free admission
Documentary by Carine Bijlsma with her father, wonderful cellist and Boccherini specialist Anner Bijlsma, with Vera Beth and José Antonio Boccherini
(Dutch with English Subtitles).

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