Kassia from Byzanthium

| 21:00 | Concerts for children and families

Kassia from Byzanthium

Thousand-year-old spherical sounds

New Chambers Sanssouci / Address: Ovid Gallery

Greek hymns and chants by Kassia (ca. 810-865)


Sigrid Hausen,
Sarah M. Newman, soprano
Petra Noskaiová, mezzo-soprano
Gerlinde Sämann, soprano
Musical direction & instruments: Michael Popp


»A woman brought evil into the world« the Emperor of Byzanthium remarked when he chose a bride and offered the golden apple to beautiful Kassia. Whereupon she replied: »And also everything that's good!« He meant Eve, she replied with Mary. That was cheeky and the Emperor married another woman. Kassia founded a monastery and became an abbess and a scholar. The Orthodox Church worships her as a saint. The hymns she wrote for her nuns bear witness to the life, work and faith of a woman who courageously and confidently went her own way in 9th century Constantinople. VOCA ME make this music shine with all its startling beauty and its glowing intensity. A sensational discovery.

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